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Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Crop Selection Tool

This Crop Selection Tool is designed to help growers identify specialty crops suited to the conditions of a specific farm based on climate, soil, and certain production factors. Many factors influence what crops can be grown on a site, and not all of these factors are included in this tool. This tool only provides possibilities for further investigation, however unique microclimates or modified

production practices such as row covers, mulches, soil amendments, or improved drainage may allow for the cultivation of crops not on the output list. It is important for growers to thoroughly read the information sheets for each crop. Market potential is not factored into this tool. Growers should be aware that identifying and securing a market is a critical step, and this should occur before growing any specialty crop.

Notes on Using this tool

In this Crop Selection Tool, field crops are considered larger scale crops that are machine harvested and typically have lower requirements for labour and/or specialized equipment. The irrigation requirements listed in the final table are based on both the water needs and economics of the crop. Labour can sometimes be offset by the use of specialized equipment and vice versa.

1. Do you want to grow an annual (including biennials and perennials grown as annuals) or a perennial crop?

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Crops matching your selection

Resources required:


Clicking on a crop below will take you to the crop profile page in a new window.

Crop Crop Category Irrigation Req. Labour Req. Specialized Equipment/ Infastructure
There are no crop results for your selection.
Amaranth – Grain Field and Grain Crops
Amaranth - Leafy Specialty Vegetables
Angelica Herbs
Anise Herbs
Basil Herbs
Belgian Endive/Witloof chicory Specialty Vegetables
Bergamot Herbs
Bitter Melon (Field) Specialty Vegetables
Black Cohosh Herbs
Blue Cohosh Herbs
Bok Choy/Chinese Cabbage Specialty Vegetables
Borage Industrial and Misc. Crops
Bottle Gourd Specialty Vegetables
Brilliant Melon Specialty Vegetables
Buckwheat Field and Grain Crops
Calendula (herb) Herbs
Calendula (oil) Industrial and Misc. Crops
Camelina Industrial and Misc. Crops
Carinata Industrial and Misc. Crops
Carrots – Coloured Specialty Vegetables
Castor Industrial and Misc. Crops
Celtuce Specialty Vegetables
Centrapalus Industrial and Misc. Crops
Chinese broccoli Specialty Vegetables
Chives Herbs
Chrysanthemum – Edible Specialty Vegetables
Cilantro Herbs
Coriander Herbs
Corn Gromwell Industrial and Misc Crops
Crambe Industrial and Misc. Crops
Cucumber – oriental Specialty Vegetables
Cuphea Industrial and Misc. Crops
Daffodil Industrial and Misc. Crops
Dill Herbs
Echinacea Herbs
Edamame Specialty Vegetables
Eggplant, Specialty Specialty Vegetables
Elderberry Specialty Fruits and Nuts
Euphorbia Industrial and Misc. Crops
Fenugreek Herbs
Florence Fennel Specialty Vegetables
Flowering Edible Rape/Chinese Flowering Cabbage Specialty Vegetables
Fuzzy Melon/Hairy Gourd Specialty Vegetables
Ginseng Herbs
Globe Artichoke Specialty Vegetables
Gobo/Japanese Burdock Specialty Vegetables
Goji/Wolfberry Specialty Fruits and Nuts
Goldenseal Herbs
Haskap Specialty Fruits and Nuts
Hazelnut/filbert Specialty Fruits and Nuts
Heartnut walnuts Specialty Fruits and Nuts
Hemp (fibre) Industrial and Misc. Crops
Hemp (grain) Field and Grain Crops
Hops Herbs
Jerusalm Artichoke Industrial and Misc. Crops
Jerusalem Artichoke Industrial and Misc. Crops
Kenaf Industrial and Misc. Crops
Kiwi, northern Specialty Fruits and Nuts
Kohlrabi Specialty Vegetables
Lavender Herbs
Leaf and Heading Mustards Specialty Vegetables
Lemon Balm Herbs
Lesquerella Industrial and Misc. Crops
Lettuce – Oriental Specialty Vegetables
Lovage Herbs
Luffa (sponge) Industrial and Misc. Crops
Luffa (vegetable) Specialty Vegetables
Marjoram/Oregano Herbs
Meadowfoam Industrial and Misc. Crops
Mint (herb) Herbs
Mint (oil) Herbs
Miscanthus Industrial and Misc. Crops
Mousemelon Specialty Vegetables
Napa Cabbage Specialty Vegetables
Okra Specialty Vegetables
Parsley Herbs
Pawpaw Specialty Fruits and Nuts
Peanuts Field and Grain Crops
Pennycress Industrial and Misc. Crops
Peppers – Specialty Hot Specialty Vegetables
Perilla Herbs
Popping Corn Field and Grain Crops
Quinoa Field and Grain Crops
Radish – Oriental Specialty Vegetables
Rainbow Swiss Chard Specialty Vegetables
Rice – white Field and Grain Crops
Root Chicory Industrial and Misc. Crops
Rosemary Herbs
Russian Dandelion Industrial and Misc. Crops
Sage Herbs
Savory (summer) Herbs
Savory (winter) Herbs
Sea Buckthorn Specialty Fruits and Nuts
Sesame Industrial and Misc. Crops
Shanghai pak choy Specialty Vegetables
Skullcap (Baikal) Herbs
Skullcap (Virginian) Herbs
Spelt Field and Grain Crops
St Johns Wort Herbs
Stevia Industrial and Misc. Crops
Sweet Fennel Herbs
Sweet Potato Specialty Vegetables
Switchgrass Industrial and Misc. Crops
Tah-Tsai Specialty Vegetables
Tallgrass Prairie Industrial and Misc. Crops
Tarragon Herbs
Thyme Herbs
Tomatillo Specialty Vegetables
Valerian Herbs
Winter Gourd Specialty Vegetables
Yardlong Bean Specialty Vegetables