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Specialty Cropportunities is a resource designed to assist growers transitioning to production of new, specialty or non-traditional crops. This project was led by OMAFRA specialty crop staff and funded by Agri-Food and Rural Link, a program of the OMAFRA/University of Guelph Partnership. Wherever possible, research from Ontario-based institutions has been used to create the crop profiles, with information from other regions incorporated when needed.

For information on a specific crop, click on the crop category buttons above, or on the alphabetical crop listing. The Crop Selection Tool will assist growers in identifying crops suited to their growing region and operation. The menu on the left provides general agronomic and marketing information on specialty crops. This tool is designed to provide a general overview of production information on a variety of specialty crops. For more detailed information on a specific crop, please contact the OMAFRA crop specialists listed in the contacts section.