Preventive Control Programs

Well-developed preventive control programs are the foundation of any food processor's food safety program. They outline required procedures, training, monitoring, follow-up and record keeping for routine tasks that enable the processor to consistently produce safe, high-quality dairy products.

Preventive control programs are initial building blocks in the development of HACCP -type programs that meet global food safety standards.

Preventive control programs help processors:

  • meet regulatory standards
  • keep the records required by clients and government
  • shift the focus from reacting to food safety problems to preventing them in the first place
  • be prepared to perform effective recalls, if necessary
  • meet consumer expectations
The requirements described in the sections below are consistent with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's Dairy Establishment Inspection Manual (Chapter 10). Use the following web pages to help develop and implement your own preventive control programs. They should be viewed as guidelines since processes, facilities and products vary from plant to plant. Within these pages you'll find links to downloadable templates that can be modified to suit your specific operations.

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