25 Quick On-Farm Energy Saving Tips

  • Change from incandescent lighting to T-8 fluorescent lighting in your barns
  • Use dimmers and motion sensors on your barn lights
  • Match the size of the tractor to the size of implements
  • Ensure that your equipment tires are inflated properly
  • Follow the recommended maintenance schedule for your machinery and equipment
  • Have tight fitting windows and doors in your farm buildings
  • Seal windows with caulking and weather stripping.
  • Insulate farm building outside walls with greater than R20 and ceiling greater than R30
  • Find out about the potential of generating wind energy
  • Look into anaerobic digestion of manure for green energy and reduced odour on your farm
  • Explore opportunities for using solar energy around the farmstead or around the farm (powering electric fences and water pumps)
  • Find out about using shelled corn as a heating fuel
  • Change to a milk pre-cooler system to cool the milk before it enters the bulk milk tank
  • Use variable speed drives (VSD) on vacuum and milk pumps on your milking equipment
  • Consider adjusting lights in the dairy barn to increase milk production
  • Install a heat reclaimer
  • Investigate availability of water recycling equipment
  • Insulate hot water lines
  • Use a timer on your water heater so the water is the right temperature only when you need it
  • Flush the sediment from the hot water tank regularly
  • Maximize natural ventilation in your livestock barns wherever possible
  • Clean ventilation fans
  • Avoid irrigating on hot sunny or windy days
  • Apply only the amount of irrigation water required for crop growth.
  • Consider doing an on-farm energy audit

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