Farm Fires - did you know?

Faulty electrical systems cause approximately 40 per cent of farm building fires with a determined cause, making it one of the leading known causes of farm fires.

What can you do?

Regular inspections and maintenance are key to reducing the risk of a fire. We recommend that you work with a professional to inspect and monitor your farm buildings.

  • Have your buildings inspected and maintained regularly by a licensed electrical contractor.
  • Develop a preventative maintenance and housekeeping schedule.
  • Work with a professional to monitor the heat conditions of your buildings using infrared technologies.
  • Work with your local fire department and insurance company to identify problem areas on your farm, and fix any problem areas identified.
  • Have a plan ready to deal with any emergency.
  • Train your family and employees on what to do if there is a fire. Make a list of who to call during and after a fire, and establish a safe meeting point.

Visit to find helpful resources, including:

Our Electrical Systems in Barns Factsheet that provides information on how an electrical system can start a fire, regulations and barn electrical maintenance practices.

Links to different inspection, monitoring and extinguishing technologies, such as FLIR heat-sensing cameras, Cole-Parmer gas detectors and the DSPA 5 aerosol generator.

For more information and to suggest a different fire prevention device, technology or program that could be listed on our website, contact the Agricultural Information Contact Centre (AICC) at 1-877-424-1300 or

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