Nutrient Management Strategy (NMS)

The Nutrient Management Act, 2002, requires any building project relating to livestock housing or manure storage facility to have an approved Nutrient Management Strategy (NMS) before a building permit will be issued. This applies to all farms that generate more than five nutrient units and are proposing to build, expand or renovate.

A Nutrient Management Strategy (NMS) must be prepared by a "certified person". Farmers have the option of taking the required Nutrient Management certification courses to prepare their own Nutrient Management Strategy (NMS) or hiring a Private Sector Nutrient Management Consultant. These consultants have received an Agricultural Operation Strategy/Plan Development Certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Once a Nutrient Management Strategy (NMS) is prepared, the document is submitted to OMAFRA for approval.

Once submitted, allow at least 3-4 weeks to receive an approval, as the processing time varies with number of applications and completeness of the submission. Once approved, a legal document called a Record of Approval is issued. The Record of Approval is required by the building official as one of the requirements for obtaining a building permit.

A Nutrient Management Strategy (NMS) takes into account:

  • types and numbers of livestock
  • type of housing and manure management
  • manure volumes produced
  • manure storage requirements
  • management of runoff
  • available land and/or agreements to utilize the manure
  • location of sensitive features (wells, wetlands, surface water and inlets, floodplains) on the farm unit in relation to livestock housing and manure storages
  • location of nearest municipal well

Nutrient Management Strategy Application Form - This form is for those "certified persons" that choose not to use the NMAN software to prepare the Nutrient Management Strategy (NMS). This form once completed with the required attachments, will constitute the Nutrient Management Strategy (NMS). Prior to submitting, retain a copy for your files. Upon approval, your Nutrient Management strategy (NMS) is valid for a period of 5 years. At that time, you are not required to re-submit, but update the Nutrient Management Strategy (NMS) and to keep it on file and available for inspection if requested.

For more information about Nutrient Management, see the OMAFRA website or call the Nutrient Management Information Line at 1-866-242-4460.

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