Urban Agriculture Business Information Bundle

Selling Your Products

If you plan to sell what you produce, rather than keep it for your own consumption, you'll be more successful if you have a marketing plan in place. You'll also need to be aware of all the regulations governing the sale of food products, as well as food safety requirements.

Business Planning and Marketing

For business planning and marketing advice, see:

Food Safety Regulations

Ontario's Food Safety and Quality Act, 2001

Regulations Governing the Sale of Eggs

OMAFRA's Egg and Egg Processing Requirements

Regulations Governing the Sale of Fruit and Vegetables

Selling Fruits and Vegetables at Farmers' Markets and at the Farm Gate and Frequently Asked Questions About the Farm Products Grades and Sales Act.

Regulations Governing the Sale of Meat

OMAF's Your Responsibilities Under the Meat Regulation

Regulations Governing the Sale of Milk

OMAFRA's Legislation Affecting the Livestock Industry: Milk Act

Health Protection and Promotion Act (Ontario)

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