The Science of Food Safety and Baseline Studies

Ontario has an excellent food safety track record. We are continually strengthening our food safety system by updating our standards and inspection programs and by using new science and technologies to minimize both health and economic risks.

Baseline studies are conducted for the following reasons:

  1. To assess the levels of food safety hazards in certain commodities. This information is used to ensure that inspection programs are focused and make the best use of resources.
  2. To provide a scientific basis to determine risks and target resources.
  3. To support industry in its efforts to improve the safety of their products.
  4. To provide a base from which new food safety programs can be measured for their impact.
  5. To maintain consumer confidence in Ontario's food system.

Baseline studies are being conducted to help identify microbiological and chemical risks in certain foods. The studies help to identify at what stage the risk is introduced and then can be controlled or risks can be minimized.

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