The Ontario Food Safety System

The Ontario government is committed to strengthening a science-based food safety system that will protect public health and safety as well as enhance the competitiveness of the Ontario agri-food industry by better managing risk.

Ontario has an excellent record on food safety. This is in part because the government and agri-food industry have continually worked together to create a strong food safety system for the province. New technologies, scientific advances, changing diets, new food hazards and evolving trade requirements mean there is a constant need for renewal to minimize risks to both public health and the economy. Current food safety initiatives include:

  • research on food safety related issues, including baseline studies to identify and better understand potential risks
  • examination of food safety regulations
  • updating of standards and inspection programs using new science and technologies, and
  • on-farm food safety programs
  • educational programs for stakeholders all along the food chain, including producers, processors and consumers.

For more information:
Toll Free: 1-877-424-1300
Local: (519) 826-4047