Farm Safety

Table of Contents

  1. Farm Safety Resources for Children and Parents
  2. Farm Safety for Farmers and Workers
    1. Farm Machinery and Equipment
    2. Farm Chemicals, Contaminants and Hazardous Gases
    3. Farm Buildings and Storage
  3. Rights and Responsibilities of Farmers and Farm Workers

How safe is your farm?

There are many potential dangers on farms that can cost you and your business. This web page provides a list of resources to help you plan ahead to prevent accidents and to protect your family, your employees and your livestock.

Farm Safety for Children and Parents

Children are vulnerable to farm dangers. There are resources available that can help you ensure their safety.

Helpful Resources

Farm Safety for Farmers and Workers

There are safety risks in all aspects of farm operations. Learning how to manage these risks is important to protecting lives, preventing accidents and keeping your farm safe.

Farm Machinery and Equipment

The following resources give an overview of how to safely operate farm machinery:

Farm Chemicals and Contaminants

These OMAFRA factsheets will help you manage hazardous chemicals and gases used and/or produced by your operation:

The University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus administers the Ontario Pesticide Education Program, offering certification and training on pesticide safety.

Farm Buildings and Storage

OMAFRA has many resources that can help you to plan for safer farm buildings and storages.

Build Safe Farm Structures
Preventative Maintenance for Farm Structures
Reduce the Risk of Fire

Rights and Responsibilities of Farmers and Farm Workers

It is important to know what is expected on the farm, both as an employer and as an employee. Here are some links that will help farmers and employees to know their rights and responsibilities, and other helpful resources.

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