Business Planning

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Factsheets
  3. Computer-Based Calculator Programs
  4. Resolving Neighbour Conflict
  5. Related Links


Business planning identifies the best ways to meet the business goals of the farm owner and operator.

The cost-effective use of resources, the continuous maintenance and improvement of the farm buildings and land, clear business agreements, and the cultivating of community goodwill are all part of both a successful business plan.


Computer-Based Calculator Programs

These and other OMAFRA Business Development resources are available on the OMAFRA website.

Resolving Neighbour Conflict

The "Farming with Neighbours" book explains how to avoid and solve disagreements. This book helps you understand the dynamics of conflicts, conflict prevention and tips on managing conflict and engaging the public. "Farming with Neighbours." Costs $25.00 and can be ordered from the Farm Management Canada by phone (1-888-232-3262) or by visiting their website.

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