The Premier's Agri-Food Challenge: Building on Success

Agri-Food Growth Steering Committee Advice to Minister Leal(New)

Agri-Food Growth Steering Committee Members

The agri-food sector is a major player in Ontario's economy. It currently generates $36.4 billion a year in gross domestic product (GDP) and sustains over 790,000 jobs - about one in every nine jobs across the province.

Premier Wynne, in her role as Premier and Minister of Agriculture and Food, wants to build on the success story that is the agri-food sector, and is committed to highlighting its importance to Ontario's economy.

On October 7, 2013 at the Premier's Agri-Food Summit, the Premier challenged the industry to double its annual growth rate and create 120,000 jobs by the year 2020. For a description of the challenge please see the challenge paper.

Premier's Summit: Industry Feedback

Industry leaders responded positively to the Premier's challenge. They also saw the opportunities and acknowledged that industry will have to lead the development of sector strategies and plans. Leaders were also very clear about the government's role- bringing the right people to the table and creating the right environment - so that business can drive growth in the sector. A summary of comments heard at the summit and other documents can be found on the summary page.

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