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Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs


Scientific Name: Matricaria matricariodies

Other Names: marticaire odorante, matricaire, sauve, Chamomilla suaveolens Rydb.

Family: Composite or Aster Family (Compositae)

General Description: Pineappleweed is an annual weed reproducing only by seed.

Habitat: Pineappleweed occurs throughout Ontario around farmyards, waste areas and roadsides. It is occasionally found in compacted soil along the edges of pathways.


  • Stems are erect and very branched
  • Stems are 5 – 40 cm high
  • Smooth and hairless


  • Leaves are alternate (1 per node)
  • Finely dissected leaves
  • Leaves are light green in colour, hairless and slightly fleshy

Flowers and Fruit

  • Flower heads are small (5-9 mm)
  • Conic or egg-shaped flowers
  • Yellow-green colour without florets
  • Flowers from spring until autumn

Often Confused With / Distinguishing Features
The flower heads and other parts of the plant, when crushed, distinctly smells of pineapple. This is its most distinguishing feature. Other distinguishing features include its small height, small flower heads that lack ray florets and smooth hairless stems below the flower heads.



Pineappleweed at the 2-leaf stage Pineappleweed stem with alternate leaf orientation Pineappleweed flower Whole mature plant of pineappleweedClick to enlarge.