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Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

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The periods of pest and beneficial activity illustrated below are general guidelines based upon both Ontario field experience and pest biology research. The actual period of activity for any given pest will vary significantly from year to year, depending on over-wintering conditions; seasonal temperature accumulation; relative humidity; rainfall; prevailing wind patterns; and other environmental factors.

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Lacewings Braconid and Ichneumonid wasps Mullein plant bug Assassin bugs Tachinid flies Stethorus punctum Lady beetles Spiders Red velvet mites Stigmaeid/yellow mites Phytoseiid mites Blister spot Canker diseases Black rot Blossom end rot Fire blight Sooty blotch Flyspeck Rust diseases Apple scab Powdery mildew Dogwood borer Potato leafhopper Oriental fruit moth Apple maggot Woolly apple aphid Twospotted spider mite San Jose scale European apple sawfly Codling moth White apple leafhopper Plum curculio Obliquebanded leafroller European red mite Tarnished plant bug Redbanded leafroller Rosy apple aphid Green apple aphid Spotted tentiform leafminer Spring-feeding caterpillars Mullein bug