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The following disclaimer can be used (when not posting French at the same time as English) under exceptional circumstances only.

The disclaimer below says:

This site will be available in French on {date}. We apologize for this inconvenience. For information concerning the site, please contact {name} at {telephone number or E-mail address}

Complete the disclaimer by adding in the date French will be available and the name and phone or email, of a program staff member, preferably bilingual.

Delete the disclaimer when you have French content.


Ce site sera disponible en français bientôt. Nous nous excusons de cet inconvénient. Pour tout renseignement sur ce site, veuillez vous adresser: {nom} au {téléphone ou adresse électronique}.

Pour plus de renseignements :
Sans frais : 1 877 424-1300
Local : 519 826-4047
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Use a SEMI COLON to separate multiple entries:
(eg. John Doe - Crop Specialist/University of Guelph; Jane Doe - Crop Specialist/OMAFRA)
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