Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Appeal Tribunal (Tribunal)

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Rule 9 - Hearing of Appeal

The Hearing

9.0l Upon receipt of an appeal the secretary to the Tribunal shall, in consultation with the clerk of the Tribunal, consult the parties and fix a date, time and place for the holding of the hearing and shall give notice of the hearing to the parties.

Oral Hearing

9.02 Hearings of appeals by the Tribunal shall be by oral hearing, unless otherwise determined by the Tribunal.

Location of Hearing

9.03 The Tribunal may hold hearings at any place in Ontario.


9.04 The Tribunal may, at the request of any party to an appeal, adjourn the hearing for such periods of time and upon such terms as the Tribunal considers just.


9.05 The Tribunal, on motion by a party or on its own motion, may give directions respecting the conduct of a pending hearing in advance of the commencement of the hearing.

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