Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Appeal Tribunal (Tribunal)

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Rule 4 - Time

Computation of time

4.01 In the computation of time under these rules or in an order of the Tribunal, except where a contrary intention appears,

    1. where there is a reference to a number of days between two events, they shall be counted by excluding the day on which the first event happens and including the day on which the second event happens, even if they are described as clear days or the words "at least" are used;
    2. where a period of less than seven days is prescribed, the time shall be measured in business days (statutory holidays, Saturdays and Sundays shall not be counted);
    3. where the time for doing an act under these rules expires on a statutory holiday a Saturday or a Sunday, the act may be done on the next day that is not a statutory holiday, a Saturday or a Sunday; and
    4. a written communication in an appeal which is served after 4:00 p.m. or any time on a holiday, a Saturday or a Sunday shall be deemed to have been served on the next day or the next day which is not a holiday, a Saturday or a Sunday, as the case may be.

    Local time

    4.02 Where a time of day is mentioned in these rules or in a written communication in an appeal, the time referred to shall be the local time at the place where the hearing is to be or is being held or Guelph, Ontario as the context requires.

    Extension or abridgement of time

    4.03 The Tribunal may extend or abridge any time prescribed by these rules, on such terms as the Tribunal may determine.

    4.04 A motion for an order extending time may be made before or after the expiration of the time prescribed.

    4.05 A time prescribed by these rules for serving a written communication may be extended or abridged by the consent in writing of those to be served.

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