Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Appeal Tribunal (Tribunal)

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Rule 35 - Appeals Under the Assessment Act

Method of commencement

35.01 An appeal concerning the placement of a property in the farmlands property class under the Assessment Act shall be commenced by completing a complaint form and filing it with the Assessment Review Board at the address specified on the assessment notice. A non refundable filing fee payable to the Minister of Finance must be filed along with each complaint form by the deadline.

35.02 The Assessment Review Board will forward the complaint to the secretary of the Tribunal.

Action by the Secretary

35.03 On receipt of a complaint the secretary to the Tribunal will establish a hearing date and issue a notice of hearing.


35.04 Unless otherwise provided in these rules or in a statute, an appeal to the Tribunal operates as a stay in the matter under appeal subject to the right of the Tribunal to limit or define the scope of the stay.


35.05 The complainant and any other person who, in the opinion of the Tribunal, has significant interest in the subject matter of the appeal are the parties to an appeal.

Completion of hearing

35.06 The Tribunal shall complete the hearing within forty-five calendar days after the date set for the hearing.


35.07 The Tribunal shall send notice of its decision and reasons, if any, to all parties to the appeal and to the Assessment Review Board within twenty days after the hearing is completed.

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