Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Appeal Tribunal (Tribunal)

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Rule 18 - Compelling Attendance of Witnesses

By Summons to witness

18.01 A party who requires the attendance of a person as a witness at a hearing may serve the person with a summons to witness which shall be in Form 1 requiring him or her to attend the hearing at the time and place stated in the summons, and the summons may also require the person to produce at the hearing the documents or other things in his or her possession, control or power relating to the matters in question in the appeal that are specified in the summons. Form 1 is appended to these rules of procedure.

Summons Request

18.02 On the request of a party or a solicitor or agent representing a party, the chair or a vice-chair of the Tribunal may sign and issue, or in the case of urgency, the secretary to the Tribunal may sign and issue a summons to witness. Before the summons is signed, the party or solicitor or agent shall complete the summons and include the name of the witness.

Service and attendance money

18.03 A summons to witness shall be served on the witness by the party requesting the summons, personally and, at the time of service, attendance money in the amount provided under the Rules of Civil Procedure shall be paid or tendered to the witness.

Lack of seal

18.04 The lack of a seal does not render a summons to witness invalid.

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