Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Appeal Tribunal (Tribunal)

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Rule 12 - Conduct of Oral Hearings

Oral hearings to be public

12.01 All oral hearings shall be open to the public except where the Tribunal determines that an appeal should be heard in the absence of the public.

Procedure at hearing

12.02 Subject to these rules and any applicable statute, the procedure at an oral hearing shall be determined by the presiding members of the Tribunal.

Site View

12.03 Where the Tribunal takes a view of a site as part of an oral hearing, the panel members will travel together in a vehicle separate from the parties. When at the site the parties and panel will remain in a group allowing all persons present to hear all discussions. A summary of the viewing will be included in the decision of the Tribunal.

Hearing in the absence of a party

12.04 If a party to a hearing does not object or participate the Tribunal may proceed without the party's participation and the party will not be entitled to any further notice in the proceeding.

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