New Rural Roadmap

Ontario is committed to creating conditions where the province's rural municipalities, businesses and regional economies can grow and prosper. We want to help rural Ontario succeed. Strong rural communities help create good jobs, attract investment and promote new economic opportunities for their residents.

Ontario's approach to helping rural communities succeed is simple. We're listening to rural Ontarians, businesses and municipalities and working with them to implement programs and services that directly benefit rural Ontario.

The new Rural Roadmap for 2015: The Path Forward (PDF Version - 1.5 MB) provides an update on our progress since the first Rural Roadmap was released in 2014. This document identifies initiatives benefiting rural Ontario and sets the stage for an ongoing consultations and engagement with rural Ontarians.

Ontario is committed to:

  • Continuing to listen and learn from rural Ontarians.
  • Investing in the talents and skills of rural Ontarians and promoting economic development to help create jobs;
  • Investing in regions and businesses and improving infrastructure in rural Ontario;
  • Working together with rural residents, businesses, community organizations and municipal leaders to ensure that they are supported in a way that will help them succeed in today's economy;

With this in mind, the government realizes that more remains to be done. By working together with rural Ontarians, businesses and municipalities, we can continue to strengthen rural Ontario.

Read the Rural Roadmap for 2014 (PDF - 2.4 MB)

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Author: OMAFRA Staff
Creation Date: 28 April 2014
Last Reviewed: 09 December 2015