Getting started
Here you'll find:
  • An historical overview of the growth of Ontario's towns

  • A summary of approaches and lessons learned to revitalize towns

  • An analysis of current challenges and opportunities for Ontario towns

  • Two exercises to help you analyze your town's current situation

Developing your strategy

Here you'll find information on the steps you need to take to guide a community in building a strong plan for the future. You'll learn about:

  • Organizing a working team

  • Understanding your town

  • Developing a plan for action

  • Implementing the plan

  • Tracking progress

Exploring five keys to success

Here you'll learn about five approaches you can use to revitalize your town:
  • Managing your town's core

  • Encouraging economic growth

  • Guiding image and design

  • Marketing your town

  • Addressing social issues

Learn more

Links to more web sites about revitalizing Ontario towns
Contact the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs