Economic Development Programs, Tools and Resources

The Economic Development Programs, Tools and Resources are designed to help communities achieve their long-term sustainable economic development goals. If you are a community leader, economic development professional, or citizen volunteer in rural Ontario, these resources will help you to identify community local priorities and implement strategies.

Our staff can assist you by helping your community build the skills and expertise necessary to create economic growth opportunities. OMAFRA has a team of economic development specialists that can offer you the support to make better informed decisions related to economic development.

To learn more or to apply for any of these resources and programs, follow the links below:

Economic Development

Economic Development Ontario's government has an important role to play in ensuring businesses succeed. Our economic development resources make it easy to plan, implement, measure, assess and report on your progress and final results once achieved.

Organizational Development

Organizational Development Organizational Development resources provide organizations with comprehensive economic development tools that are designed to improve economic development and promote growth. These tools offer communities the training and support they need to strengthen their economy and grow their opportunities.

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Author: OMAFRA Staff
Creation Date: 27 April 2011
Last Reviewed: 2 March 2016