Economic Development Programs, Tools and Resources

If you are a community leader, an economic development professional or citizen volunteer in rural Ontario then Economic Development Programs, Tools and Resources will help you identify local priorities and carry out strategies that will achieve your community's goals.

By providing the necessary tools and resources to support your economic development activities, our rural staff can help your community build the skills, expertise and teams necessary to create economic growth opportunities.

Guided by our team of experts in the use of our programs, tools and resources, you can have the support to effectively make more informed decisions related to economic development. Below is an overview of the programs and resources that we offer to help your community create efficient strategic plans.

Building Organization Capacity Online Courses

Newcomer and Youth Community Indicators tool

Fundamentals of Economic Development

Introduction to Strategic Planning Resource Manual



Table for Economic Development Analaysis

Economic Development Analysis Resources

Data, training and support to help economic development practitioners use data-driven analysis to support day-to-day activities as well as regional strategic planning efforts.

Analyst Request Form

Training session for perfomance measurement

Performance Measurement Resources (PMR)

Performance Measurement is the process of monitoring, measuring, assessing and reporting on the progress that a plan, such as an economic development plan, is making towards the desired outcomes.

PMR Information Request Form

Picture of stores Brussels, Ontario
Business Retention and Expansion (BR+E)

BR+E is a comprehensive economic development program that builds a community's capacity to develop locally based strategies that support local businesses to retain and create new jobs and grow their opportunities.

Picture of two girls playing in a meadow
Community Immigrant Retention in Rural Ontario (CIRRO)

CIRRO is an initiative to help catalyze action and support to rural communities by supplying information on effective approaches to attract educated and talented young people and new immigrants for future economic prosperity.

Picture of downtown Cobourg, Ontario
Downtown Revitalization (DR)

Downtown Revitalization resources provide training and support to implement comprehensive approaches to downtown revitalizations covering economic development, leadership and management, marketing and promotion, and physical improvement.

Picture of people in downtown St. Paul, Ontario
First Impressions Community Exchange (FICE)

First Impressions Community Exchange is a structured and cost-effective process that reveals the first impression a community conveys to potential visitors, investors and new residents.

Author: OMAFRA Staff
Creation Date: 27 April 2011
Last Reviewed: 30 June 2015