Research Management System (RMS)

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Welcome to the Research Management System (RMS), OMAFRA's on-line system for administering research programs. Applicants use the RMS when applying to these programs. Register once to obtain a username and password.

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Compatible Browsers

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari

How to register

Choose one of the two registration options below to obtain a username and password for the RMS:

Option 1: For research program applicants whose Research Office (RO) or other Approval Authority (AA) must approve their applications before submission to OMAFRA. This option used mostly by registrants from:

  • colleges and universities
  • government
  • hospitals
  • some research institutes and foundations

Note: Upon submission, your proposal goes to your RO or AA for approval. They either return the proposal for revisions or forward it to OMAFRA on your behalf. Remember to allow sufficient time for your internal approvals process when applying to a research program.

Option 2: For all other research program applicants. This option is mostly used by registrants from:

  • businesses and industry
  • conservation authorities
  • municipal organizations
  • non-government organizations
  • some research institutes and foundations

Registration email

  • You will receive an automated email from the RMS with the login url and your username and temporary password.
  • Add "OMAFRA NO REPLY <>" to your safe senders list

Note: Check your junk mail folder if the email is not in your Inbox. Contact the RMS Administrator at if you have not received an automated email within 30 minutes of submitting your registration.

Your researcher workbench

If you already have an RMS username and password, login to your workbench.

Use the workbench to:

  • build your profile with contact information and research outputs that can be used in submissions to Ministry-funded research programs and for annual and final reports for funded projects
  • create new applications to open research program calls
  • track applications from submission through to award decision
  • manage your projects through report submission to OMAFRA

How to apply to open research calls

Picture of the RMS Research Workbench highlighting the open call section

Figure 1: The 'Open Calls' box at the top right of the workbench contains:

  1. the program name
  2. submission Deadline
  3. project duration
  4. red Hyperlink to the Call for Letter of Intent PDF
  5. 'Details' red hyperlink which leads to an overview of the program and important application information

Picture of the RMS workbench with the apply and back buttons visible.

Figure 2 - Picture of the Open call section showing the Apply and Back buttons

  • click the 'Apply' button located at the end of the program overview section to create a draft application form
  • click the 'Back' button located beside the 'Apply' button at the bottom of the overview section to return to the Researcher Workbench
  • click 'Save Draft' once to create a copy of the application form under the 'OMAFRA Active Applications' tab on your workbench

Note: Multiple clicks of the 'Apply' button within the overview section create multiple applications. Please be careful. If you create multiple applications, you can delete them by clicking the 'Delete' button located in the application form at the bottom next to the 'Submit' button.

Important things to know

  1. Check a Call's 'Research Requirements' documents regarding the program's research. priority areas before completing an application. Projects that do not clearly address stated priorities will not be funded.
  2. Ensure you allow enough time for proposals to be reviewed by either your Research Office or other Approval Authority (if applicable) when preparing your application.
  3. The RMS will not accept applications after the submission deadline.

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