Figure 1 describes the different components of the OMAFRA Research Advisory Network.

The Agricultural Research Institute of Ontario (ARIO) advises the Minister about the overall direction for agri-food and rural research.

Expert Panels determine long-term, strategic priorities within seven theme areas. These strategic priorities guide research program development. Expert Panels include members of ARIO, OMAFRA Director Champions and other staff, and external stakeholders with broad knowledge of the research theme areas.

Input from stakeholders and the ministry can be obtained by theme-based or commodity meetings, informal input gained by staff during conferences, meetings, casual conversations and through stakeholder documents such as surveys. In addition, the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (horticulture) and the Livestock Research and Innovation Corporation coordinate industry research priority setting with their respective sectors.

The Theme Advisory Groups (TAGs), consisting of OMAFRA Director Champions, University of Guelph Research Program Directors, Research Analysts and stakeholders, review the ministry and stakeholder input, monitor progress of the research programs and advise on priorities for annual calls for proposals

The Research Analyst for a given research theme coordinates and consolidates the input gained from stakeholders and ministry sources and provides a synopsis for the consideration by the TAGs.

Knowledge Translation and Transfer (KTT) activities are implemented OMAFRA and University of Guelph staff. KTT is facilitated in two-way interactions between stakeholders and the Theme Advisory Group

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