2010-11 Project Summaries of the New Directions Research Program

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Welcome to the project summary page of the 2010-11 New Directions Research Program. These projects will assist the program's goal of stimulating the sustainable growth and competitiveness of Ontario's bioeconomy and agri-food and rural sectors.

The research areas of focus and their corresponding priorities change from year to year. The 2010-11 program had the following areas of focus:

The projects may vary from one to three years in length. They are listed below alphabetical order by title within a given research area of focus.


These projects have received funding support from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Such support does not indicate endorsement by the Ministry of the contents of the material.

Agrifood Value-Chains

Project #

Gap analysis of the complete value chain for ornamental plant products from breeding to the final consumer in both domestic and export markets

I. Lesschaeve

Emerging Markets

Project #

Characterizing the value, market size and evolution, and infrastructure needs for profitable production of ethnic vegetables in Ontario

B. Campbell
Ontarian organic food market: Assessing the market potential and the understanding of, and confidence in, the organic food system. L. Hamzaoui Essoussi
Information Systems Development for the Organic Sector T. Schumilas

Food Processing

Project #
Assessing the Competitiveness of Ontario Food Processing Industry: A Capability Development and Stakeholder Engagement Approach
E. Van Duren

Precise fat trimming from pork cuts using robotics for export market

G. Mittal

Water Management

Project #

Evaluation of innovative water treatment technologies for reuse of nutrient solutions in the horticulture industry

A. Huber
Improving water use efficiency on dairy farms in Ontario. T. Nelson

New Approaches for Re-use of Rural Biodiesel Wastewater

R. Nicol

Other Projects

  • SR9247 -Studies of Bobolink and related bird habitats on agricultural lands in Norfolk County - Lead Researcher R. Olson

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Author: Ainsley Archer, Research Analyst/RIB
Creation Date: 8 August 2011
Last Reviewed: 7 October 2011