2018 Small Ruminant Research Forum

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The purpose of the 2018 Small Ruminant Research Forum is to provide the opportunity for researchers, industry representatives, other stakeholders, and government specialist to connect and share information and ideas pertaining to the research, trends, and needs of the small ruminant livestock sectors in Ontario.

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Purpose of the Forum

The 2018 Small Ruminant Research Forum will allow participants to:

  • Hear from researchers, industry, and government about the priorities and trends in the goat and sheep livestock sectors.
  • Network and participate in knowledge sharing activities like plain language poster session and roundtable discussion groups.
  • Explore opportunities through networking and share strategic ideas on building and growing your livestock sector in Ontario.
  • Have an opportunity to input your opinions and knowledge about your sectors research needs.

Event Details

Date: May 14th, 2018

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Location: Conference Centre, 1 Stone Road W., Guelph, Ontario


If you are interested in sharing, collaborating, networking, or learning about research in the sheep and/or goat sectors - register today! Registration is free, but space is limited so sign up early! Registration is now closed. The registration deadline was May 01, 2018.

Student Poster Competition

Students are invited to apply for the student poster competition


Abstracts must include:

  1. All authors and their affiliations.
  2. Clearly identify presenting author.
  3. Clearly state why the project is important, what are the benefits seen/could be seen from the results, and who has/can benefit from the research.
  4. Please do not exceed 300 words in the body of the abstract.

Roundtable Research Discussion

Researchers, post-doc, grad students, and visiting scientist are welcome to submit a small research report detailing their research and can indicate what points of the research they would like to discuss.

This is an opportunity to present your ongoing research and have an open discussion with other experts in the field. It is also an opportunity to instill some knowledge from your experiences onto other researchers so that current and future research in the small ruminant sector can become stronger through collaboration.

Reports will only be shared with those participating in the discussion groups.


Report Submission Guidelines:

  1. Title of report
  2. List of collaborators/authors with their affiliations
  3. Background of research project
  4. Objectives of research project
  5. Materials & Methods
  6. Results (if available)
  7. Desired agenda points
  8. Please do not exceed 4 pages double spaced (approx. 1200 words)

Agenda (tentative)

9:00 AM: OMAFRA Manager or Director - Welcome and Opening Remarks

9:10 AM: Dr. Rene Van Acker - Dean of Ontario Agricultural College (OAC) - Role of Research in supporting and enhancing small ruminant sectors.

Session 1 - Genetics

9:40 AM: Dr. Angela Canovas - Assistant Professor , OAC - KTT acceleration of research knowledge in genetics to enhance innovation in Canada's sheep industry

9:50 AM: Delma Kennedy - Sheep specialist, OMAFRA - Why we do not see implementation of genetic trait selection in the field

10:00 AM: Dr. Flavio Schenkel - Professor, University of Guelph (tentative) - Implementation of Genomic selection to improve productivity and health traits in ON dairy goats

10:10 AM: Question Period

10:20 AM: Graduate Students - 90sec Poster pitches

10:40 AM: Morning Break

Session 2 - Health

11:00 AM: Dr. Maria Spinato - Veterinary Pathologist, University of Guelph - Distance support for on-farm investigation of adult small ruminant mortalities

11:10 AM: Dr. Cathy Bauman - Assistant Professor, OVC - Investigating kid mortality in Ontario dairy goat farms

11:20 AM: Dr. Jocelyn Jansen - Lead Veterinarian , OMAFRA - Benchmarking Dairy Goat Welfare - Lead Veterinarian , OMAFRA - Benchmarking Dairy Goat Welfare

11:30 AM: Question Period

11:40 AM: Dr. Nicole Klenk - Assistant Professor, University of Toronto - Keynote - Growing the market of ON wool

12:20 PM: Lunch

1:20 PM: Manager or Director, OMAFRA - Poster Awards & Thank You

Session 3 - Research Discussion

1:30 PM: Round Table Discussion Groups

2:20 PM: Afternoon Break

2:40 PM: Round Table Discussion Groups (continued)

3:30 PM: OMAFRA Manager or Director - Closing Statements


For more information contact Santiago Palacio (santiago.palacio@ontario.ca) or Marlene Paibomesai (marlene.paibomesai@ontario.ca)

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For more information:
E-mail: research.omafra@ontario.ca
Author: Santiago Palacio, Research Analyst/RIB
Creation Date: March 2018
Last Reviewed: March 2018