OMAFRA-University of Guelph Agreement and Knowledge Translation and Transfer (KTT)

Learn background on the OMAFRA/University of Guelph Agreement and knowledge translation and transfer (KTT).

OMAFRA and the University of Guelph have a long history of working with farmers, producers and others in the agri-food sector to make sure that ministry-funded research is meeting current needs. This longstanding collaboration ensures that research results are quickly and effectively transferred to those who can use it.

During the last negotiation of the OMAFRA/University of Guelph Agreement, the partners recognized that Ontario's strong tradition of extension services and technology transfer could be enhanced through using models and best practices of knowledge management. A renewed and broadened commitment to knowledge translation and transfer (KTT) of the research project has become a new central focus. The OMAFRA / University of Guelph Agreement is a 10 year agreement (2008-2018) with a 5 year review scheduled for 2012.

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