Ontario's Bioadvantage

The advantage of Ontario's bioeconomy is the province's diverse agri-food industry. From biocars to biofuels, Ontario's public and private researchers are unlocking new opportunities for industry, government and entrepreneurial producers and processors to develop innovative biobased products that address both environmental and economic opportunities. that meet the environmental and economic needs of Ontario.

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OMAFRA Bioeconomy Staff List

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) supports bioeconomy initiatives for the agricultural and agri-food sectors with an experienced, knowledgeable team of specialists. Let us help you learn more about Ontario's Bio Advantage and how you can take part.

OMAFRA's bioeconomy staff can help:

  • grow your bioproducts company in Ontario
  • find the latest biobased research
  • provide technical advice related to agriculture-based bioproducts
  • navigate government regulations
  • connect you with industry, researchers and other stakeholders

Meet OMAFRA's Bioeconomy Specialists

Investment Attraction and Business Development
Bill Harvie, Investment Attraction Consultant
519-826-4405, bill.harvie@ontario.ca


  • technical advice on how to grow your bioproducts company in Ontario, including accessing business incentive programs.

Biomass Feedstock Production and Utilization
Mahendra Thimmanagari, Crop Bioproducts Specialist
519-826-4593, mahendra.thimmanagari@ontario.ca


  • technical advice on biomass feedstock and new industrial crops for bioproducts - bioenergy, biofuels, biomaterials and biochemicals
  • link to researchers in applied research and commercialization projects related to crop bioproducts
  • provide technology transfer and support to agri-food stakeholders.

Transition Crop Specialist
Jim Todd
519-426-3823, jim.todd@ontario.ca


  • agronomic advice for new bioenergy, biomaterial and biochemical industrial crops
  • technology transfer agent to support agri-food industry stakeholders.

Agricultural Bioproducts and Bioenergy Innovation and Engineering

Jake DeBruyn, P.Eng
New Technology Integration Engineer
519-826-4584, jake.debruyn@ontario.ca


  • support to agri-food and research stakeholders engaged in applied research and commercialization projects
  • navigate through regulatory processes
  • connect with other staff working on bioproducts.

Bioeconomy and Industrial Use Research and Innovation
Elin Gwyn, Research Analyst
519-826-6120, elin.gwyn@ontario.ca


  • link to information on OMAFRA-funded bioproduct research currently underway or recently completed and to possible research funding sources
  • connect to bioeconomy researchers across Ontario.

OMAFRA's Bioeconomy Staff - here to help you get involved in Ontario's Bio Advantage.

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