Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2017 Regional Award Winner


Wylie Mycologicals Ltd., Grey County

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Bill Wylie, Wylie Mycologicals

Bill Wylie, Wylie Mycologicals

Cinnamon cap. Lion's mane. Elm oyster. Whatever your favourite type of mushroom, Wylie Mycologicals can help you grow it yourself. The organic mushroom operation has perfected a versatile growing block for producing native and specialty mushrooms on a commercial scale.

The highly adaptable growing surface is ideally suited to meet the specific temperature, light, humidity and oxygen needs of different mushroom varieties. Indoor and outdoor blocks are available for commercial growers, while home-growing kits can be purchased by individual mushroom enthusiasts. Specialty mushrooms are a trend that is gaining traction, with increasing growth in recent years. Thanks to Wylie Mycologicals, Ontario consumers will now have access to more mushroom varieties - without having to tromp through the woods to get them.

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