Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2017 Regional Award Winner


Veritas Farm Business Management, Municipality of Chatham Kent

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Aaron Briemer, Paul Hazzard, Hon Deb Matthews, MPP

Aaron Briemer, Paul Hazzard, Hon Deb Matthews, MPP

Veritas Farm Business Management is all about micro-managing - in the best way possible. The precision agriculture company provides tailor-made variable rate prescriptions for seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, transferring them directly to their customers' tractors, sprayers and spreaders. At harvest, Veritas analyzes data to determine how well their crop plans fared. Their statistical analysis software calculates the actual return on investment and helps producers compare what the result could have been using other application processes. In 2016, Veritas integrated GIS (geographic information systems) software that allows customers to see which areas in their fields produce the highest - and lowest - returns. Their fine-tuned methods maximize harvests producing impressive results, with farmers using the precision approach to increase their profits by an average of $20 per acre.

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