Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2017 Regional Award Winner


Northern Ontario Permaculture Research Institute, Manitoulin District

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Glen Thibeault, Justin Tolson

Glen Thibeault, Justin Tolson

The Northern Ontario Permaculture Research Institute (NOPRI) is on a mission to supply fresh, nutritious produce to northern communities year round. To achieve this goal, the not-for-profit organization designed a solar-powered, four-season greenhouse made with recycled materials like "styrocrete" - a blend of concrete and Styrofoam diverted from landfills. This would enhance local production of fresh food throughout all seasons - a benefit to food security, the environment and the promotion of healthier lifestyles. NOPRI has future plans to build multiple micro-greenhouses on Manitoulin Island, allowing local producers to grow crops and raise fish in a controlled environment. The low-cost structures are scalable, helping create food hubs with increased availability of local food in northern communities.

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