Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2017 Regional Award Winner


Freshwater Cuisine, Kenora District

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Glen Thibeault, Jay Barnard, Torin Bergagini

Glen Thibeault, Jay Barnard, Torin Bergagini

Would you like a side of pickerel cheeks with that? In northwestern Ontario, the folks behind Freshwater Cuisine began experimenting with fish cheeks and pectoral muscles, creating tasty appetizers incorporating all aspects of freshwater fish. Today, stores and restaurants in the area can't get enough of their sustainably caught product line, which includes Walleye Wings, Pickerel Cheeks, Whitefish Cakes and Northern Pike Cakes. Their first three months of operation generated more than $80,000 in revenue, and plans for nationwide distribution are underway. By reinvigorating the region's fishing industry and creating jobs for First Nations communities, Freshwater Cuisine is reeling in big benefits.

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