Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2017 Regional Award Winner


Greenbelt Microgreens, Hamilton

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Ian Adamson, Michael Curry and MPP Ted McMeekin

Ian Adamson, Michael Curry and MPP Ted McMeekin

Looking for fresh, local arugula sprouts in February? Greenbelt Microgreens has you covered. The greenhouse operation has developed an eco-friendly process for growing organic microgreens year-round. Biomass heating, solar power, rainwater irrigation and other green approaches have reduced the operation's environmental footprint. The results are nutrient-dense sunflower sprouts, pea shoots, wheat grass and other microgreens that can be produced on an average 10-day growth cycle and boast a shelf life of 13 days. Today, the company has become the largest grower of organic microgreens in Canada, supplying fresh produce to hundreds of retailers.

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