Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2017 Regional Award Winner


Collective Arts Brewing Limited, Hamilton

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Matt Johnson, MPP Ted McMeekin and Matt Howell

Matt Johnson, MPP Ted McMeekin and Matt Howell

At Collective Arts, the art of brewing isn't limited to the beer. The brewery founders figured that creativity begets creativity, so they teamed up with emerging and seasoned artists, musicians, photographers and filmmakers. Each of their cans features limited edition art. When customers scan the label, they can hear original music, watch a video or check out an artist's bio as they sip fine Ontario craft beer. And the creativity doesn't stop there. All kinds of talent is showcased in the brewery's 400-person music venue/art gallery/tap room, providing a connection between creative arts and local craft beer. In 2016, Collective Arts launched Local Press Cider, Apple & Cherry Cider, Pear Saison and Crabapple Press Cider. This year, Juniper & Lemon joined the lineup.

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