Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2017 Regional Award Winner


Potter Settlement Artisan Winery, Hastings County

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MPP Lou Rinaldi and Sandor Johnson

MPP Lou Rinaldi and Sandor Johnson

At the southern edge of the Canadian Shield, an eco-conscious vineyard is challenging the traditional image of "wine country." Since 1997, Potter Settlement Artisan Winery has experimented with numerous growing techniques, trellising approaches and grape varieties in an area long considered too cold for wine production. Today, the pioneering vintners near Tweed, grow Frontenac, Marquette and Petite Pearl -- cold-hardy, healthy grapes that are expanding the northern boundaries of Ontario's wine sector. The operation is also raising the bar on sustainability. Solar and geothermal systems heat and cool their buildings. Cover crops help fertilize the vineyard, and a mechanical weeding tool eliminates the need for herbicides. It all adds up to a pioneering approach that's paving the way for great Ontario wine from unexpected places.

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