Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2017 Regional Award Winner

Kaley's Acres Farm, Northumberland County

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MPP Lou Rinaldi, Brooke Murphy and Tamara Elstub

MPP Lou Rinaldi, Brooke Murphy and Tamara Elstub

Typically, harvesting kale is a lengthy process done by hand or heavy machinery. To improve efficiency in harvesting the leafy green, Kaley's Acres Farm looked to the past, retrofitting an obsolete tobacco leaf harvester from 1982. Their one-of-a-kind harvester has allowed them to triple their number of productive acres, while only doubling the amount of labour. A worker who could harvest 110 pounds of kale per hour by hand can now harvest up to 440 pounds per hour. With plenty of retired equipment available for purchase in Ontario, this upcycled solution promises to create a real upswing in kale production, while lowering the cost of locally grown greens for consumers.