Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2016 Regional Award Winner


U-Pac Agri-Service, Picton

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Sue and Lynn Leavitt, MPP Lou Rinaldi

Sue and Lynn Leavitt, MPP Lou Rinaldi

Across Ontario's countryside, white plastic wrap encases bales of hay. The wrap is practical, keeping bales dry, but packaging it for recycling at the end of the season is cumbersome. And while commercial compactors are available, they can often be expensive. So Lynn Douglas Leavitt built a rugged wooden "basket," into which used bale wrap is loaded. It's then tamped into a compact package by a custom-made wooden compacter attached to a front-end loader. Tie the bale with string and it's ready for pickup by a recycling company. The portable $600 system helps farmers make their operations more sustainable. Leavitt is also working with a high school youth skills development program to manufacture and sell the innovative product, creating jobs for young rural workers.


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