Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2016 Regional Award Winner


Culinary Tourism Alliance, Toronto

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Minister Chris Ballard and Agatha Podgorski

Minister Chris Ballard and Agatha Podgorski

Ontario's booming culinary tourism sector proves that consumers are seeking memorable eating and drinking experiences. However, developing culinary routes to showcase local producers has proved to be time-consuming. In one region, for example, it took the Culinary Tourism Alliance (CTA) a year to compile information on 300 potential sites. To support Ontario's booming culinary tourism sector, this not-for-profit organization made the leap into the software development business to create the Experience Assessment Tool (EAT) to more easily showcase local producers across the province. This questionnaire rates potential sites on a host of different criteria to judge their readiness to welcome tourists. Instead of collecting data, CTA staff can now focus on creating new culinary trails and helping sites become attractive destinations. The software has also boosted local culinary tourism, in turn supporting Ontario's economy by making it easy for visitors to plan their own customized itinerary.


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