Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2016 Regional Award Winner


Talbot Road Poultry

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Kelly Vandermolen, Bruce Vandermolen and MPP Deb Matthews

Kelly Vandermolen, Bruce Vandermolen and MPP Deb Matthews

To help reduce stress and provide a better living environment for their chickens, Kelly and Bruce Vandermolen, owners of Talbot Road Poultry, built two narrow barns parallel to one another. Instead of the typical one wide barn, the double-barn approach makes for less distress during shipping since one barn can be left undisturbed while chickens from the other barn are loaded. Insulation under the concrete floor and natural gas infrared tube heaters keep the barns warm and dry. The roofs are designed to accommodate solar panels and come equipped with ceiling vents and sidewall baffles to maximize airflow. Meanwhile, an improved ventilation system prevents the build-up of ammonia and humidity from manure. The new environment has created healthier chickens - not to mention a 20 per cent increase in profits.

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