Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2015 Regional Award Winner


Valley Growers Inc.

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MPP Glenn Thibeault, Tami Rainville and Gérald Philippe

MPP Glenn Thibeault, Tami Rainville and Gérald Philippe

The rich, sandy soils near Sudbury have always produced tasty potatoes - and now you can enjoy all that flavour in a fresh, never-frozen French fry. In 2015, Valley Growers launched "Farmhouse Fresh Fries." The process is simple: cut the potatoes, blanch them briefly in a high-powered fryer to lock in the flavour and nutrients, and then cool and package them. That's it. There are no chemicals or preservatives, yet the potatoes stay fresh for 25 days. French fry lovers can find them in the bagged salad section of Walmart and Loblaw Superstores, while restaurants can source them through Gordon Food Service. Thanks to Valley Growers, local farmers have gained access to big markets, 16 new jobs have been created, and North America's favourite indulgence just got a little fresher.

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