Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2015 Regional Award Winner


Smart Greens

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Eric Bergeron, Allison St. Louis and MPP Sophie Kiwala

Eric Bergeron, Allison St. Louis and MPP Sophie Kiwala

For a pair of Cornwall entrepreneurs, fresh greens are in the box - a 320-square-foot box, to be precise. The two have converted a shipping container into a hydroponic "farm" complete with LED lights, a closed-cycle irrigation system and a cloud-based mobile app that lets them monitor their crop remotely. Inside the insulated, climate-controlled container they produce more than 3,000 leafy greens, herbs and peppers each week - without the use of pesticides. And because the container is located in downtown Cornwall, they have dramatically shrunk the distance between their produce and their customers. Now they're franchising the Smart Greens brand, with the goal of seeing 50 similar shipping containers popping up across Canada over the next five years - giving urban Canadians access to fresh, local greens 12 months a year.

Creation Date: November 2015
Last Reviewed: 16 November 2015