Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2015 Regional Award Winner


Black Prince Winery

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MPP Arthur Potts, MPP Lou Rinaldi, Pete Bradford and Geoff Webb

MPP Arthur Potts, MPP Lou Rinaldi, Pete Bradford and Geoff Webb

For most winemakers, vinegar is their worst nightmare. Not for Black Prince Winery. In partnership with Canadian Vinegar Cellars, Black Prince's Geoff Webb is using his grapes for two different purposes. Some go towards making wine, of course, but others are destined for a line of super-premium barrel-aged vinegars. His secret weapon? Reverse osmosis. Several years ago, Webb began experimenting with this process in order to reduce the acidity of his wine. When he teamed up with Canadian Vinegar Cellars' Pete Bradford, he discovered reverse osmosis could speed up vinegar production, oxidizing and dealcoholizing the wine much faster than conventional methods. The technology allowed them to remove water from the vinegar, concentrating the sugars and creating a beautifully balanced product that has chefs and foodies raving.

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