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2015 Regional Award Winner


Belly Ice Cream Company

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MPP Lou Rinaldi, Shelly Westgarth and MPP Arthur Potts

MPP Lou Rinaldi, Shelly Westgarth and MPP Arthur Potts

You won't find run-of-the-mill ingredients in Belly Ice Cream: this is a company that produces flavours like Woolwich chèvre with lavender honey. So it's no surprise that the Muskoka ice-cream maker doesn't use your typical milk. Instead, founder Shelley Westgarth opts for creamy, protein-rich Jersey milk supplied by Miller's Dairy in Creemore. It's the perfect business and culinary partnership. The milk gets converted to custard mix at the dairy, leaving Westgarth free to focus on blending her imaginative flavour mixes. The results are getting snapped up. Westgarth recently struck a deal with United Natural Food Inc. As a result, she is hiring more full-time employees and placing plenty more orders for local lavender, chèvre and - of course - Jersey milk.

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