Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2015 Regional Award Winner


Harvest Hop + Malt

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Michael Driscoll, MPP Kathryn McGarry

Michael Driscoll, MPP Kathryn McGarry

Harvest Hop + Malt is thinking small. And that could have a big impact on Ontario craft breweries, distilleries, bakeries and grain farmers. Most malting equipment is designed for large-scale operations, with a price tag to match. However, this Guelph enterprise - the province's first micro-maltery - has designed an affordable, single-vessel system for malting grains that are destined for beer, liquor, baked goods or animal feed. The system processes one tonne of grain at a time, runs on household water and power and can fit through an eight-by-eight-foot doorway. And at a price tag under $200,000, this "uni-malter" lies within the reach of small-scale enterprises. Once commercial production begins, brewmasters across the province can raise a glass to Ontario-grown, Ontario-malted grains.

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