Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2015 Regional Award Winner


Best Baa Dairy

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Eric Bzikot, MPP Kathryn McGarry

Eric Bzikot, MPP Kathryn McGarry

The Amish farmers who supply Best Baa Dairy faced a conundrum. According to food safety rules, they have to cool their sheep milk to four degrees within two hours of milking. However, their traditions prohibit them from using electricity. So Best Baa Dairy stepped in to develop a solution. The cheesemaker equipped a 240-litre stainless steel tank with a small engine to drive a standard refrigeration compressor. The prototype successfully cooled milk in just 35 minutes and also heated a barrel of washwater to boot. Best Baa built a second one, and then three more that used solar panels instead of a gasoline engine. Today, Best Baa gets great sheep milk, Amish farmers can adhere to their traditions, and the new off-the-grid technology can be used anywhere that farmers don't have access to electricity.

Creation Date: 06 November 2015
Last Reviewed: 09 November 2015