Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2015 Regional Award Winner


Top Tomato Foods Ltd.

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   MPP Chris Ballard Vito DeFilippis

MPP Chris Ballard Vito DeFilippis

When it comes to veggies, freshness counts. So during harvest time, the packers at Top Tomato put in long hours - sometimes past midnight - bunching broccoli directly from the harvest wagon, icing it, and then putting it in cold storage. Not anymore. Since 2012, Top Tomato's harvesting crew has been putting the broccoli into plastic crates that are immediately cooled to preserve freshness, letting packers bunch them on a less pressured schedule. Better still, the company has installed a system that mechanically lifts the crates onto a rolling belt, increasing efficiency and productivity. Faster cooling also helps increase efficiency and a longer shelf life. Top Tomato's broccoli sales have jumped 48 per cent over the past three years - while its workers are getting home earlier.

Creation Date: 06 November 2015
Last Reviewed: 10 November 2015