Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2015 Regional Award Winner

Maizal Inc.

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MPP Chris Ballard, Gabriela Itvarte and Ivan Wadgymar

MPP Chris Ballard, Gabriela Itvarte and Ivan Wadgymar

To make good tortillas, you need to start with good maize. That's why the owners of Maizal, a Mexican café in Toronto's Liberty Village, are getting their hands dirty. Not only have they contracted several Ontario farmers to grow heritage, open-pollinated maize, they're also experimenting themselves. After harvesting and drying the corn, they process it the traditional way: boiling it with limestone to remove the hull from the kernel and make the nutrients more available. They then mill it in a stone grinder imported from Mexico and form it into fresh dough for tortillas, atoles, tamales and more. This "agro-culinary investigative project" is bringing Mexican cultivation methods to Ontario, supporting local farmers and keeping café customers coming back for more.