Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

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2015 Regional Award Winner


Johnstons Cranberry Marsh

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MPP Chris Ballard and Wendy Hogarth

MPP Chris Ballard and Wendy Hogarth

Ninety-five per cent of the cranberries on the market are processed with high-volume, million-dollar packing and grading equipment far beyond the financial means of most cranberry growers. So when the folks at Johnston's Cranberry Marsh had to replace their antiquated and inefficient packing equipment, they needed a more affordable alternative. Murray Johnston and Wendy Hogarth got to work tinkering with blueberry-sorting equipment. Initially, their experiments ended in failure: as it turns out, cranberries have distinctly different properties than blueberries. The pair persevered, however, using a newer model of optical sorter, a bigger compressor and some software rewrites to create equipment that can efficiently and economically process and pack their cranberries. Today, Johnston's Cranberry Marsh can pursue large-scale grocery chains, confident they have the systems in place to deliver the goods.

Creation Date: 06 November 2015
Last Reviewed: 10 November 2015