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2015 Regional Award Winner


Aqua Greens Inc.

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MPP Chris Ballard, Pablo Alvarez and Craig Petten

MPP Chris Ballard, Pablo Alvarez and Craig Petten

Things are looking up for Aqua Greens - literally. Craig Petten and Pablo Alvarez have transformed their Mississauga-based aquaponics operation from one storey to four, quadrupling production without adding to its carbon footprint. The closed-loop growing system produces organic greens and tilapia year-round, replacing imports with local, sustainable products. By using an aquaponic approach, Petten and Alvarez can grow basil, chives, arugula and lettuce twice as fast as conventional producers - no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides required. To reduce their environmental footprint even further, they rely on mushrooms that naturally emit CO2 instead of bringing in carbon dioxide canisters to promote plant growth. The result is an urban warehouse that provides both intensely flavourful greens that pack four times as many nutrients as their soil-grown counterparts, as well as fresh, local fish.

Creation Date: 06 November 2015
Last Reviewed: 10 November 2015